Chief of the Defence Staff’s Strategy Forum: Does UK Defence Need an Arctic Strategy?

September | 2018

arcticfutures were delighted to be invited to attend and take part in the Chief of the Defence Staff’s Strategy Forum on Thursday 6 September at Arundel House, London, hosted by the Development Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC) and the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS).

The aim of the Strategy Forum was to consider whether UK defence needs a strategy for the Arctic. Climate change means Arctic sea ice is retreating. This opens previously impassable routes to shipping and hitherto inaccessible areas to potential resource exploitation. This change is increasing challenges to Arctic settlements and land routes, and external interest in the region is growing. Potential opportunities in the region are balanced by risks and potential costs that UK defence must anticipate and understand. Discussion at the forum was build on the recently published ‘Beyond the ice: UK policy towards the Arctic’ UK government policy document.

The event was part of the Global Strategic Partnership that provides academic support to DCDC, comprising RAND Europe, Exeter University and the IISS.

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