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Arctic Risks & Wild Cards | A collaboration with UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction

September 2014

This one day workshop brought together a range of participants from across business and academia with the intention of discussing key areas of operational/development risk via the exploration of two incident scenarios involving a cruise ship north of Svalbard and also an exploration oil well blow-out in the Kara Sea…


From Brussels, via the Arctic Circle to the Defence Academy | Piloting the Arctic Futures Scenario Exploration System

October 2014

Over recent months we’ve been developing Arctic Futures SES, a dynamic system enabling interactive, collaborative scenario generation workshops using pre-defined and user-generated perspectives on stakeholders, resources, challenges, opportunities, actions and wild cards…




Arctic Circle Assembly conference | Interactive Futures

October 2015

We were fortunate to be able to work with two outstanding collaborative partners this year – the PoLAR Partnership and the University Centre of the Westfjords – from initial concept and proposal co-development in April and May through to shared attendance at the conference itself…



Arctic Blue Scenarios | The Future of Marine Innovation

March 2016

A one day seminar exploring how future change may affect Arctic marine innovation ideas and developments. The workshop is based on linking innovation and foresight methods to help generate insights into the future of our businesses and our society…


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